Return to YouTube

It has been 4 years, 3 months and 27 days since my last YouTube video.

And boy has a lot happened in that time.

youtube past.jpg

Three months ago I packed up my life inside a car - stored it at my cottage and took two medium bags filled with essentials like my journal, circle workout bands and favourite gold tray to this far far away land called Australia. 

And now here I am. It's exactly what I expected and nothing at all like I expected. 

The biggest challenges have been deciding what's next?! And after hours of strolling, journalling, meditating I always come back to my love for movement and coaching.

A few weeks ago on my Instagram stories I announced that I was going to start a podcast - the BODcast!! How hard could it be?! 

Well, as it turns out... podcasting is pretty freaking hard! 

I am committed to making this happen but I set the deadline for September 1 and that is not going to happen.

Instead of feeling down about it I took it as a sign from the universe that it was time for me to get back on YouTube. Ahhhhhhh. Being on camera is not my favourite thing ever but I've decided it is time to get over that fear. 

I started the channel 7 years ago when I was living in England at the time. I knew I wanted to start a travel workout blog and decided to just go for it!

OMG the groove pants!! They were big at the time ... I think!

I am excited to see this re-evolve. As much as talking on camera freaks me out completely I am embracing this challenge and looking forward to getting more comfortable with it.

So here we go!

First question : What is the best (and worst) kind of cardio?

Christie Preston