Interval Workout Hack

When it comes to my own workouts I am really not much of a planner.


I love to plan in the moment mostly because I like to get moving and then see how I feel. But also after planning workouts for my clients the last thing I want to do at the end of a day is sit down and write my own workout. So I came up with this hack that has served me well as a basic workout template.

Here's how it Goes:

Step One:

Download an interval timer. I like the SIT app - Simple Interval Timer in the app store. 

Step Two:

Get going! Usually I make this part of a loop, so I'll jog to a park 1-2 km away or warm-up for 10 minutes around the block.

Step Three:

Set your interval to 10 seconds rest and 50 second on for 16 minutes
Then create your workout on the spot!

I like to follow this rough format
1. Upper BOD exercise
2. Lower BOD exercise
3. Core stability work
4. Cardio - something to get the heart rate up

Repeat 4x for a 16 minute workout, you can repeat the same exercises four times or mix them up!

For Example, my workout yesterday looked something like this:

Run to exercise park 2 km away (just needed pull-up bar to hang off of!)
Set interval timer 50:10 and did the following 16 minute workout:

1. Hanging pull-up grip
2. Air squats
3. Plank torsion control - here
4. Jumping Jacks

5. Chin-ups
6. Jump squats
7. Toes to bar
8. Burpees

9. Pull-ups
10. Lateral lunges
11. Bicycle abs
12. High knee run

13. Bridge Push-ups (in the video!)
14. Jump lunges
15. Reverse bicycle abs
16. Tuck jump + jump squat

Then jog home! 

Bottom Line

It is not necessary to spend hours planning out a workout. Once you have a basic framework like this one it is easy to drop in new exercises!

Christie Preston