Hot Water Lime in the Morning

Almost every single super healthy person or nutritionist I know recommends starting each day with hot water and lemon.


Here's the one problem with that for me: the seeds.

It's not the fact that lemon isn't coffee flavoured ... that would probably be gross. It's the seeds and the whole production around removing the seeds first thing in the morning that I just don't want to get into. I've tried lemons before and as much as this makes me sound like a super morning baby I know I'm just not going to bother with them and their seeds in the morning.

So I've hacked this advice slightly. And now drink hot lime water instead. Or if I'm out of lime hot apple cider vinegar water instead - just a teaspoon and hot water. After doing a quick google search the only nutritional difference between lemons and limes is lemons have a slightly higher vitamin C content. But I take a multivitamin, naturally the gummy bear version, so I think I'm good there. 

It has been 14 days ... 3 hours and 43 minutes since I have started this routine. My goal in the beginning was to eliminate coffee entirely too, which I have only had 3 coffees in the last two weeks. Considering I was up to 3 coffees a day I'm calling that a win. 

Here's what I've found:

My skin is a lot brighter and my rosacea has calmed down significantly
I do not miss coffee but weirdly miss tea, I haven't had tea in years
The lime really gets my system going
My hands are a lot more steady
I have more energy all day - especially in the afternoons
My pocket book is a lot heavier, coffee adds up $

Will I Keep Going?

My intention is to make this a permanent habit. It starts my day off nicely and really is not too challenging to incorporate. 

This lemon vs. lime water has been a small reminder to me that it is ok to tweak big ideas or health rules and make them work for me. 

Bottom Lime : 

In a world where everyone tells you to be a lemon, don't be afraid to be a lime instead. 

Christie Preston