7 Fun Things About Sydney

I have now officially been living in Australia for 5 weeks. Four of which I was on an incredible holiday adventure travel through Western Oz, the Whitsundays and Bali.
Yes yes I took a holiday inside my "holiday year" ... let me live my life ;o).


In no way do these five weeks make me an Australian expert but along the way there have been a few nuanced differences from home (Toronto) that I thought I would mention. If you're wondering, yes I LOVE it here. 


a. My friend Duncan kept saying how "fancy" the food was here. And at the time I thought, 'that's just because you're a vegan Dunc..." but no, it's true - the food IS fancy here. They do the little things as standards. There is always a litre of water at your table with glasses ready before you ask for water. Smart! And on the actual food side there are lots of sauces and sprinkled stuff on top. It's hard to explain but it just feels like they try and it's appreciated. 

b. Along with the food the people here are fancy. I think the incredible climate and no snow helps a lot. But dressing up for dinner is pretty essential. And women love high heels here. 

2. Shop keeper : "See you later." 
Me : but I'll likely never see you again?
Now I know, but in the beginning this was a little confusing. Aussies say "see you lata" interchangeably with "goodbye" or "thanks for coming". Even if they know they probably won't see you later. Maybe Australians believe in reincarnation?! 

3. Me : "I'd like a drip coffee please." 
Barista : "like a black coffee or a white coffee?"
Me : "Like a drip coffee from beans? It comes out black and then you add milk?"
Hands me a latte. I look confused. Then he makes me an americano (aka long black).
Note : they don't have drip coffee here, it's only espresso.
Extra note : it is the best coffee I have ever had.

4. Bondi Beach (in Sydney where I'm living) specifically: Everyone is attractive. And works out at least twice a day. Usually before work and on their lunch break. If you sit down for a second you will feel bad about it and get up to go to the gym. 

5. Everyone complains about how cold it is. Always. Even on days that it is 18 degrees Celsius and sunny, that's cold here! Freezing. Everyone will have on a toque and a puffer. I wore shorts for about a week but now I am ashamed to say, I'm also wearing a toque and puffer. 

6. No added tax - it is included in the price always, at restaurants, yoga classes, clothing stores. Love that.

7. The dogs seem so happy to be here.

Bottom Line : 

Australia is incredible and so far has made me smile every single day. 

Christie Preston