Just BE it

I would like to adapt the famous Nike slogan. After I quick google search I learned "Just Do It" was created in 1988 - my birth year. So it feels that much more appropriate to have a refresh after ALL this time ;o)!


I've been very fortunate as a trainer and coach to witness many transformative life shifts in my clients. They don't happen every week - but the ones that do are truly imprinted in my head and heart forever. I can think of at least six stories that have completely motivated me to make big changes and go after my own goals.

I was thinking about what really created the biggest shifts for those people. And it hit me - the one thing they all had in common was once they had made the decision: to lose 60 lbs, to run a marathon, to start their own IT business - they just did it without any wavering questions, it was like they just BEcame it.

This made me reflect back to when I was taught to write goals during one of my first lululemon ambassador workshops we were encouraged to write goals in the present, as though we were already living in them. So instead of, "I will run a marathon" we wrote, "I run a marathon in 2019". There was something massively powerful about shifting goals into the present tense. We weren't just do-ing them - we were just be-ing them.

When you decide you're going to just DO something, to me there is so much room for variance. I'm going to just do this run vs. I'm going to just be a runner. You can always do a run later but if you're a runner - then you're always a runner. 

I really feel like this is the KEY. When you wake up and decide one day that you're going to just BE something - that's when the magic truly gets unleashed. 

Where I think we go wrong is we don't spend enough time in the decision process and instead we rush right into the action of "Just doing it". If we instead focused more time on reflection - pausing and considering what we REALLY want to be, and then driving our energy into just BEing it, I think we would all be a lot better off!

So I invite you along with me to consider for a moment, what do you really want to be? Not just in a professional sense, like a doctor or a lawyer, although those are all great goals. But let's go a little deeper. Do you want to be a great Dad, a powerlifter, a latin dancer, a cook, a bombshell beach babe (you ARE!), a great listener, and or all of the above and more?! Decide. Then just be it.

More BE.

Then just DO just happens.



Christie Preston