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When I was six years old I knew with 100% certainty I would either be an astronaut or a fashion designer. 

A year later life through me a curve ball when I found sports. I fell head over heels in love with movement and ditched my girly barbies for running shoes and became a unique combination of a glitter pink loving tomboy. Ever since then I've been very dedicated to optimizing my own health and teaching others to do so too. 

Fast foward twenty years ...

I graduated from Western University with an honours degree in Kinesiology.  After an intense rowing and track career in high school I decided to take a pause from competitive sports but I still wanted to stay active at school. I joined the campus recreation and happily joined the Jane Fonda inspired step classes but after awhile the grapevines just weren't doing it for me. In true entrepreneurial spirit I decided to create my own workouts and start my own class, I invited a few friends to join me we named ourselves "The BOD squad", without knowing it at the time my business was born!

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BODsquad carried on to four different parks around Toronto, then to a few rental locations and finally to our own headquarters at 2010 Yonge Street in Toronto. Building BOD has been a dream come true. I am so proud of our community. In BOD's time we have worked out with thousands of healthy happy people and it is true - the people truly make the place. The BOD legacy will always stand for great people helping great people be strong, brave and happy!

During BOD's creation I needed an outlet, in 2015 my New Years resolution was to learn how to meditate, handstand and to do more yoga. I did not always have a great relationship with yoga, it took me years to find the right teachers but I am so grateful I found them - because as cliche as it is to say I really did find myself on a yoga mat. In 2017 I took Duncan's yoga teacher training and absolutely felt like I was adding on a missing piece to my health puzzle.

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While my professional life was rolling along I went through some deeply personal transitions in my late 20s. In a single year I opened a business, got divorced, sold a house and moved twice. I found myself struggling with crippling anxiety and I had a huge fear of the unknown. For the first time in my life there were days that I could not get myself out of bed. This was a totally foreign experience. By far the most difficult chapter of my life but I have decided it is finally over. Now I have so much more compassion thanks to what I went through.  

With the help of an incredible coach I pulled my life back together and I feel stronger than ever. I was inspired to take coaching training so I went back to school to become a co-active life coach in 2017 and I LOVE it.

Coaching is what I feel completely called to do.

Learning the tools of the coaching trade has taught me that leaders are the people who ask for help.

The best investment we can make is in the health of our mind BOD and sprit.

xo C

Testimonials ...

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Michael McCain

Christie has been my trainer for the past six years and wow has time flied! When she was first starting out Christie did not have a car so she would bike 8km first thing in the morning to get to my gym. I knew right from the beginning she had huge integrity! In our time together we almost never missed a workout. I knew Christie would always show up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am with a smile on her face, a plan of action and she pushed me in the kindest way.

There are many morning workout moments and laughs I will treasure but overall a huge highlight for me was when my youngest daughter Hannah would join in on our sessions. I loved that Christie was able to build a program that made both of us feel accomplished and happy.

In the time that we have worked together Christie has become an integral part of my weekly routine. If you are fortunate enough to hire this incredible trainer you will never ever want her to leave!


Jill Kantelberg

Aging well and doing the things you love means you MUST prioritize your physical health.

Working out with Christie puts me on a path towards improved physical health as I age. She makes me stronger where I am weak, she makes me bend where I did not,  she makes me laugh when I feel like crying, and she makes me straight where I need to be!

Christie has startling sense of wisdom and insight which she packages up in her 1000 megawatt smile.

… Brace yourself for this wonder woman.


Bre O'Gallagher

Training with Christie is such an empowering, valuable, and fantastic experience mentally and physically.

I began personal training with Christie because I wanted to work on advanced yoga poses - particularly inversions such as handstand and pincha. I am avid yogi but inversions have always terrified me. Christie approaches inversions in way that is fun, informative, challenging and yet still accessible. She taught me which muscles I needed to engage and build in order to get into the poses and stay in them.

Christie’s workouts are all in encompassing, from moves to build strength to moves that increase mobility. I always leave her workouts feeling empowered, energized and capable.

Christie is also such a pleasure to be around. She has a bright spirit, and is encouraging, dedicated and fun.

"Negativity is basically laziness." - RuPaul